Public record: my BTC bet with tripu

Posted on 2023-05-06 in Cryptocurrency • Tagged with cryptocurrency, bitcoin, btc, fiat, money, inflation

On the back of the bet on the future relative prices of Bitcoin and US dollars that Balaji and Medlock settled publicly on 2023-05-02 (confirmation by Balaji; confirmation by Medlock), today tripu and I agree on the following terms of a bet:

  1. The object of the bet is whether Bitcoin …

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Web browser add-ons I use

Posted on 2022-02-23 in Software • Tagged with firefox, web, addons, privacy, security, cryptocurrency

This article lists the web browser extensions I use and why. I will keep it updated from time to time.

I use Firefox as my main web browser, because despite its shortcomings I think it's still the best available option for me, for reasons that would be worthy of a …

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