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Public record: my BTC bet with tripu

Posted on 2023-05-06 in Cryptocurrency

On the back of the bet on the future relative prices of Bitcoin and US dollars that Balaji and Medlock settled publicly on 2023-05-02 (confirmation by Balaji; confirmation by Medlock), today tripu and I agree on the following terms of a bet:

  1. The object of the bet is whether Bitcoin (BTC) reaches a price in US Dollars of $1M (one million dollars) at least once in the next 90 days.
  2. If at least two reliable sources show that BTC traded at $1M or above at any point before 2023-08-04 23:59:59 UTC, Fidel wins the bet. Otherwise, tripu wins the bet.
  3. We consider reliable sources the usual mainstream financial sources: Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, the NYT, etc.
  4. Fidel bets €500 (five hundred euros) in fiat money. tripu bets BTC 0.019105605 (€500 in BTC using the closing price of €26,170.33 on 2023-05-05). Whoever loses the bet will pay his part to the winner, not later than one month after the bet is resolved.
  5. Both Fidel and tripu are publishing this post verbatim (except for trivial edits, such as swapping our names) on our respective blogs today (2023-05-06).
  6. We will link to each other, and to cached copies of both posts on either archive.org or archive.ph.
  7. We are gentlemen (and friends) and thus consider these terms sufficient.