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So it looks like you have stumbled upon my blog. Welcome! I hope you will find something interesting on it. Feel free to share or comment (I don't have in-page comments yet, but you can use Twitter or Mastodon and mention me).

If you want to know more details about me including contact information you can visit my home page.

This being my personal blog I will write about my passions, hobbies and stuff I discover and want to share. Some of the regular topics I plan on writing about:

I feel that social media is not only shortening our attention span, which is bad enough, but also it makes it difficult to properly articulate arguments. In this regard another goal of this blog is to expose ideas and opinions in a long form.

I try to write most articles in both English and Spanish. Since I'm the author they won't always be a literal translation, I might reword things to carry the point across better. Also I reserve the right to write in only one language if the topic is only relevant to some public or if I don't find time to translate.