My homelab setup

Posted on 2023-12-29 in Software • Tagged with backup, caddy, debian, docker, free-software, homelab, linux, kodi, nextcloud, nginx, privacy, self-hosting

Welcome to my homelab!

If you don't know what a homelab is, it refers to running servers from your home. What is a server? It's basically a computer that is always on, connected to the network, often with no display or input. For a longer explanation take a look at …

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Replacing Nginx with Caddy in Docker Compose

Posted on 2023-11-09 in Software • Tagged with caddy, docker, homelab, nginx

The main server in my homelab runs a bunch of services, but the heart of it is a Docker Compose configuration, several of them exposed to the Internet via a reverse proxy webserver.

Before I was using three Docker images to run Nginx, proxy traffic to other services and have …

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